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Sun 22 Oct 2017 Orientation Day: Families & Volunteers

Sat 28 Oct 2017 Dreams Gala: A Night At The Masquerade

Wed 15 Nov 2017 Flight Day


What you should know if you are dropping someone off or you are traveling on the Ottawa Dreams flight:

Meet and Greet

If you live in the Ottawa / Gatineau area  you will meet your group leader and other kids going on the flight about 2 weeks before flight day. You will see a presentation about how your day will go, what to bring, and what to expect! The “Meet and Greet” is a good chance to ask questions, but if you have questions in advance you can also ask your contact person.

What to Bring

If you take medication, please come with a 2 or 3 day supply.
Adults coming on the flight must have a passport.

All children should be dressed for warm weather in Orlando

Arrival & Parking

It is important that you are at the Canada Reception Centre on time (2016 flight time TBD), because there are many things that have to be done before we leave for Orlando.

If you are accompanying a child on the flight or dropping a child off at the Canada Reception Centre, please park in the parking lot that you are being directed to by our volunteers on the morning of flight.

Schedule at the Canada Reception Centre

Upon arrival please check-in at the children’s or adult check-in stations.

Proceed to your Disney Group Name where you will meet your group and Group Leader.

At Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Children will be in groups of 6 with an Air Canada group leader and additional chaperones. Each group will go through Magic Kingdom at their own pace. Food, drinks, and lots of water will be provided. Each child will select a souvenir from Disneyland. Please do not send money with your child.

Your group will stay together at all times during the day. There will be a group leader and other adult chaperones – depending on the needs of the group. You will have enough time to go on several rides . Think ahead about what your most favorite things to do at Disney world will be as your group leader will want to know – and therefore plan a day for all to enjoy.

Your group will meet on Main Street at 6:00 pm to begin departure from Magic Kingdom.
Group leaders will have cameras and there will also be photographers at Magic Kingdom to take group and “action” photos. Dreams Take Flight Ottawa will create a photo album for your memories.

Back in Ottawa

Parents can call Air Canada, 1-888-247-2262, for live flight arrival time (Flight Number AC7182) or www.aircanada.ca. A

Group Pictures

A photo book will be provided to the Agencies for the children that they nominated. It will be the Agencies responsibility to provided the photo book to each child.  Make sure your agency has your correct mailing address!

This is a No Smoking Day – absolutely no tobacco products allowed all day!


03:15–03:45 Volunteers arrive & check-in at Registration Table & get into group
NOTE: Group Leaders to retrieve group leader backpack, radios and money
04:00–04:45 Children arrive, check-in at Registration Table, go to group, Volunteers to bring kids to get clothes & Crocs
04:45–05:00 All volunteers & children line up with group in preparation for boarding
05:00–05:30 Boarding
05:30–08:30 Depart Ottawa en route to Orlando (Flight Number AC7181)
NOTE: Breakfast will be served on plane.
08:30–09:10 Arrive in Orlando, clear US Customs & debark airplane
09:10–09:15 Take Group Photo in front of airplane
09:15–09:30 Board buses
09:30–10:00 Travel from Orlando Airport to Magic Kingdom by bus
NOTE: Radio Checks to be conducted on bus ride to park.
10:00–10:10 Debark buses and board Ferry to Magic Kingdom
10:10–17:30 Free time in park
NOTE: Please do a radio check if your radio has been silent for a while. Should you require assistance, please contact Caroline by radio.
17:30–18:15 Dinner
NOTE: Please make sure that the kids eat dinner as it won’t be served on the plane.
18:15–19:00 Shopping in Main Street shops
19:00–19:25 Meet outside front gate for roll call
NOTE: We will not leave for the monorail until all volunteers and children are accounted for so listen for your Groups or names to be called.
19:25-19:45 Board monorail for bus parking area
19:45–20:00 Board buses (same bus as you were on in the morning)
20:00–20:30 Travel from Magic Kingdom to Orlando Airport
20:30–21:00 Board plane
21:00–23:59 Depart Orlando en route to Ottawa (Flight Number AC 7182)
23:59–00:30 Hand out backpacks
NOTE: Don’t leave until all kids in your group have been picked up by a parent/guardian.